Lola's Story


Since I was a child, the hippie era has inspired me. Growing up as the "UnHip Hippie" with a love for bell bottoms and vintage styles, I embraced creativity and rock & roll vibes. Fashion became my passion, leading me to challenge high prices and create affordable style at Emily + Lola.  Although my first boutique Unhip Hippie is no longer, it paved the way and helped me grow in so many ways.
Life threw challenges my way, but my son Thiago became my driving force. His health scare made me realize the importance of family over the rat race. Through ups and downs, Unhip Hippie and Emily + Lola emerged, sharing my love for fashion and growth.
Life isn't easy, but it's beautiful. I've faced struggles as a mother, a dreamer, and a woman, but my boys keep me going. They are my WHY, reminding me to never give up.
Beyond labels, I'm just a mom, juggling life's twists with love and determination.
So stop by the boutique, lets chat fashion, style, life, kids, soccer, the bad moms club. I have drinks in the back....