About us

About Us


Emily + Lola is a local boutique formerly known as the Unhip Hippie Boutique ("UHB"). After years of operating as UHB and having our first brick-and-mortar, we quickly realized the REAL needs of our shoppers -- affordable fashion from basics to special occasion wear. We think change is good and, while we'll still keep UHB alive with our funky styles, we feel everyone will love Emily + Lola.


Emily represents classic, effortless elegance

Lola represents that free-spirit, rebel chic


The two combine to make one awesome, stylish duo.


Besides being the boutique's boss babe, our founder is also a wife, mama of boys, friend, sister, lover of the moon, soccer mama, food slut, and FIDM student who puts all her love into this boutique. We hope you feel that love!


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